Saradar Bank sal

Banque de l'Industrie et du Travail sal ("BIT") and Near East Commercial Bank sal ("NECB")  have merged and united as one organization under the name Saradar Bank sal. Saradar Bank sal offers an integrated range of premier financial services in the fields of Private, Commercial and Retail Banking, with a network of 20 branches.Saradar Bank aims to be a constant, supportive and dependable partner to all its clients, driven by its passion to deliver quality banking products.


LibanPost sal

Saradar Group owns a majority stake in the share capital of LibanPost. LibanPost is committed to providing high quality postal services and innovative products. It offers more than 100 services, covering traditional and express postal services both domestically and internationally, as well as bill payment, online money transfer, a variety of retail and merchandising services, official governmental procedures, and E-commerce. The company serves 250,000 customers per month through a continuously growing, nationwide network of 77 post offices.

When Libanpost received the ISO 9001 certification for Management and Operations, it was the crowning moment of its journey of excellence.


CashUnited sal

CashUnited sal, 75% owned by SARADAR Group, is a financial services provider that operates through more than 450 agents in Lebanon.
The company is best known as the representative of MoneyGram in Lebanon since 2001, offering international money transfers.Other services include bill payment, mobile/internet recharge and a wide range of insurance policies.


SARADAR Family Office (SFO) sal

Saradar Family Office (SFO) sal is an independent multi-family office regulated by the Central Bank of Lebanon. SFO's mission is to provide each of its affluent families with tailored solutions aimed at sustaining their wealth and preserving their legacy. The company manages large and diversified asset bases for families. Through its business model, SFO is totally unbiased, transparent and in complete alignment with its clients' interests.


Sarinvest Holding Limited

Sarinvest Holding Limited handles the treasury and cash management of SARADAR Group.